The LightBearer #1

For eons we have been left to wonder. Are we alone in the universe? Our egos would tell us that even if we are not the only beings here, we are certainly the most important ones, which is a certain kind of alone. How would we react to firm evidence, not just of life but of life that could have an immediate and lasting impact on our society? How would we react to a life form that was just as intent on leaving its mark, for better or for worse, on our lives as we are?

That is the premise behind The Lightbearer, an ongoing comic based firmly in the science fiction genre. Taking on several daunting philosophical themes, Lightbearer is sure to titillate readers . Produced in a style that is both distinctive and easy on the eye, this comic book is going to make a splash in much the same way that the titular character does when it reveals itself to our species at last.