As the event comes close, ECCC announced it will still go on as planned.  Emerald City Comic Con is scheduled on 12 to 15 March 2020.

Several authors and publishers had canceled their appearances in ECCC citing Coronavirus as their deciding factor.  For these reasons, Reedpop released a statement recently, lifting their previous “no refund” policy for fans, who are unable or uncomfortable in attending the event.  Ticketholders may refer to the ECCC website to fill in the request for refund form.

Reedpop also gave the same option for their staff, stating they may choose not to attend the convention.

Despite all these, Reedpop, the organizers for ECCC, announced that they will still push the ECCC through, despite ongoing CoVid-19 concerns.  ECCC will take place in Seattle, Washington – the center of largest CoVid-19 outbreak in the United States.

These leave the exhibitors anxious on how to recover or reimburse their booths and tables they have taken for the show when attendance and sales had decreased dramatically.  ECCC have considered the matter and will make their announcements in the next 24 hours.

As for the attendees, Reedpop assured that they have implemented enhanced cleaning guidelines, precautions and procedures as advised by CDC.  They will remain compliant with the authorities’ guidelines.  Should there be any changes and the government feels there will be risks, Reedpop will adhere to government and health officials’ guidelines and update everyone.

Everyone is advised to stay in touch via their website and social media channels for further updates.

ECCC is an ongoing yearly event since 2003, attracting thousands of attendees within the span of four days, attended by artists and writers across the nation, to promote the comic industry.

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