Hey! If you clicked on Submissions its apparent that your interested in getting into the comic book business or you would just like to have a single issue published. Check the following information to see if you fit the description.


Unfortunately, LOD Comics will only be accepting submissions of actual completed work. If you believe that you are eligible and meet the criteria for what L.O.D is looking for then what is requested of you is quite simple.

1. Script

To be considered for publishing a script of the Issue or title must be sent in for review by our publisher, this is a simple and quick process once its received its immediately the first priority.

2. Synopsis

From the script sent in depending on its length, a synopsis of a second issue may be requested by our publisher.

3. Cover Art

The first thing seen by not only our personnel, but the everyone else when purchasing comics. This is crucial and we stress that you put effort and time into your cover page before sending it in as it can literally make or break you.

4. Sequential Art

The flow of your story, keeping a story alive, similar to your cover art, its stressed that your Sequential Art is a major priority before sending as it will be reviewed with great detail and plays a vital role in our decision.

Ready to send? Please direct all submissions to the following email with the subject being “Submission”


Any and all questions regarding the matter can be directed to this email also.